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The 3 Best Leather Footstools for Your Living Room in 2023

The 3 Best Leather Footstools for Your Living Room in 2023

When you're trying to design the ideal seating space for your house, leather ottomans are a great investment.

Leather ottomans are durable, fashionable, and functional accent items. Because they are constructed from high-quality leather and complement a variety of decor choices, they will never go out of fashion.

Leather is a durable, stylish material that's perfect for living rooms. A leather ottoman or footstool can be used as extra seating and storage space, but it also adds a touch of elegance to the room. 

One of the most essential pieces of furniture for the living room is a leather footstool.

If you're looking for a new leather piece for your living room, here are three of the best options:

1. Large Round Tan Brown Leather Stuffed Pouffe

Are you looking for a stylish way to add comfort and style to your home? Look no further than this Large Round Tan Brown Leather Stuffed Pouffe by Cush & Co!

Round leather footstool ottoman pouf

This pouffe is the perfect addition to any space in your home. Whether you're sitting down or putting your feet up, our pouffe will make a practical as well as decorative addition to your decor. The footstool is made of genuine goat leather and filled with cotton to make it highly comfortable. Place the pouffe in front of a sofa or an armchair, and it will contribute to a cozy ambiance in any room!

This pouffe features:

  • - Genuine goat leather material

  • - Tan colouring

  • - Vintage look and feel





    2. Tan Brown Round Ottoman Leather Footstool

    When you're looking for the perfect footstool, it's all about finding the right balance between durability and comfort.

    This tan brown round ottoman from Cush & Co is handcrafted in Marrakech, Morocco by highly skilled leather artisans. It's made from hard-wearing goatskin leather, which has been processed naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. The pouf is then dyed and oiled to enhance its natural beauty and characteristics.

    tan brown round drum moroccan leather foot stool

    The pouf measures 42cm wide by 45cm tall. It has a zipper on the bottom so you can remove the cover and fill it with whatever you like: polystyrene beans or old plastic bags work well for a fluffy look and feel, while cotton or wool is excellent for a firmer pouffe.

    Like with any genuine leather item, the character in the hide will only serve to enhance the uniqueness of this original product.


    • - Handcrafted in Marrakech

    • - Free of chemical deodorizers

    • - 100% genuine leather

    • - Perfect height for most lounges

    3. Brown Square Leather Ottoman Footstool

    This Moroccan Pouf is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that's perfect for any space. It can transform from a footstool to a side table or even a seat, making it great for both decorative and practical use.

    This brown square leather ottoman is handmade in Marrakech by highly skilled leather artisans using organic goat’s leather, which means it's durable enough to last for years without fading or wearing out. The brown colour adds warmth to any room, making it neutral enough to mix with any palette.

    You'll love how soft and supple the leather feels on your skin! It's also been treated with natural oils to enhance the beauty and characteristics of the material.

    brown square leather ottoman footstool

    The square pouf has clean geometric lines that give it an updated look compared with traditional Moroccan ottomans, while still being warm and cozy enough for traditionalists. You can remove the cover and fill the pouffe with whatever you choose thanks to the zipper on the bottom: polystyrene beans or old plastic bags are great for a fluffy look and feel, while cotton or wool is excellent for a firmer feel.

    Its versatility makes it a welcome addition to any decor scheme, whether you're going for a bohemian, minimal, or anywhere in between!

    Distinct Features:

    • - 100% genuine leather that has been oiled naturally to bring forth its best qualities.

    • - Each piece is carefully made by hand in Morocco to ensure superior quality and originality.

    • - Simple and minimalist style to fit a range of decor
    • - Unfilled, giving you the ability to choose your degree of comfort.¬†


    Shop our range of leather footstools to add character, warmth and functionality to your home

    If you're looking for the best way to liven up your living room space, look no further than a Cush & Co's leather ottomans. Whether you want to add some extra seating and storage or just need a place to rest your feet after a long day of work, these leather ottomans will add a touch of elegance and style that will make any room feel more like home.

    The next time you're shopping for furniture, don't forget to take a look at our selection of leather footstools!