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Moroccan Ottomans and Poufs

Authentic handmade leather ottoman pouf. Handcrafted in Morocco by traditional methods.

Cush&Co stocks a range of Moroccan leather poufs and ottomans. They are all handmade from authentic leather in Morocco. Our range includes the top sellingΒ tan brown leather,Β black,Β white leather,Β pinkΒ andΒ more.Β 

  • Brown Moroccan Pouf Brown leather pouf
  • Tan Brown Moroccan Leather Ottoman Pouffe Brown leather pouf

Cush&Co stocks a range of Moroccan leather poufs and ottomans. They are all handmade from authentic leather in Morocco. Our range includes the top selling tan brown leatherblackwhite leatherpink and more. 

As they are handcrafted, they may have differences between products that are natural, due to being made from leather and being hand embroidered.

Poufs in Bedrooms

They can be commonly found in bedrooms and are an ideal decor item for this space. They can add variety and comfort to a room and we love the warm tones of the leather poufs against the crisp fabric of other items in the bedroom. It's very easy to use them as a bold stand-out piece. 

Poufs in Lounge Rooms

They are most commonly found in a lounge room as this is the natural place to put one's feet up and relax and that is what they help with best. You will often find them plonked in front of a couch for guests to relax upon. Adding in a few cushions and a throw is a great way to make the room come together. Cactus silk cushions are a great complement and can tie in with the theme very well. 

Why is it called a pouf?

Pouf is one of many terms to describe a footstool or seat, that is typically a round filled-in object, composed of a 'puffed' up lining stuff with some sort of filling. While most are designed round, they can also be square. Other terms include Pouffe or poofe, and the term ottoman is also some what suitable, however, an ottoman is technically a slightly different type of furniture. 

Quite often the term ottoman pouf is used together. 

Pouf is derived from the french word 'Bouffer". 

Outdoor Pouf

They can make excellent outdoor seats, as they are flexible and can be moved around easily. If using them for the outdoors, you will want them to be weatherproof, either with a waterproof cover, or a filling that won't gets wet. Along with an exterior that is sun resistant. Leather is naturally not suitable to be used outdoors. 

Different Styles of Poufs

There are many different styles of poofe, but the common ones are round, square, large poufs that are usually square and 4x the size. The style if defined largely by the shape and also the material that they are made from. 

What are Poufs made from? 

They are constructed from an outer cover that can be leather, plastic, polyester, fabric, hessian or a weave of some type. They are then filled with filling such as bean bag beans, old pillows, clothes, towels or linen, old doonas or foam. If using small filing a cover is preferable. When using bean bags, Australian regulations state is should have a child-proof cover. 

Cush and Co sells covers and bean bags at the checkout. 

How to clean a pouf

This really depends on the material they are made from. If it's a shiny leather one, a wipe with a wet cloth should do well. If its older or more natural leather, leather cleaner is also a good option. Best to test it a little on the underside first to avoid discolouration. 

Fabric ones can have their covered removed and washed carefully. It's always best to avoid having to clean the filling this is a difficult task. However the filling would unlikely need to be cleaned. 

Where to buy poufs

You can buy a large range of poufs right here online at We offer many different options and often have great sales on our items. They are all backed with a 30-day money guarantee. 

What is a pouf furniture?

A pouf is a piece of furniture used for resting one's feet upon. They can also be used as seats or cushions for sitting.