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How to fill your Moroccan Floor Cushion

How to fill your Moroccan Floor Cushion

Moroccan floor cushions, known for their vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and unmatched comfort, have become a popular addition to a range of home decor. These versatile vintage cushions all tell a story ranging back 30-80 years, and add a touch of the exotic and make a cozy spot for relaxation and lounging.

Filling your Moroccan floor cushion may seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach it can be a very simple process. In this guide, we'll walk you through some methods to perfectly fill your Moroccan floor cushion.

Due to the handmade nature of our kilim floor cushions, each can vary slightly but are approximately 60cm x 60cm x 20cm high. We recommend measuring the dimensions of your cushion cover to determine how much filling you'll need. Most manufacturers provide recommended filling quantities based on the cushion's size. If your cushion cover is larger, you may need to adjust the amount of filling accordingly.

We explore the methods and materials you can use to fill your floor cushion below

Filling materials and methods

1. Cush & Co Moroccan Floor Cushion Inserts

Cush & Co stocks the perfect floor cushion inserts custom made to fit our 60cm floor cushions perfectly. Shop our floor cushion inserts here.

2. High density foam 

You can purchase cut to size mattress foam 20cm in height from retailers such as Clark Rubber, or you can easily cut your own using an electric carving knife. 

3. Shredded foam filling

Available to purchase online from multiple retailers, or at Spotlight, approximately 3-4kg of shredded foam is required for one 60cm x 60cm kilim floor cushion. You can fill it directly into the cushion.

4. Polystrene beans

Beanbag beans are an affordable option with 100 litres from Kmart, Spotlight or Amazon.

5. European pillows

You can use 2-3 European (65cm x 65cm) pillows but you will likely need to add additional cotton batting or filling to fill out the corners.

6. Recycled PET floor cushion inserts

PET recycled cushion inserts are filled with 100% PET fibre, which is derived from recycled water bottles. They look and feel similar to a high-grade polyester cushion insert, but have a much greater resilience rating and will last for much longer. For a Plump Cushion: PET Recycled Cushion inserts should be 5cm larger than your cushion cover.


By following these steps and taking the time to experiment with different filling materials and quantities, you'll be able to enjoy your beautifully filled Moroccan floor cushion for years to come. Whether you're relaxing with a book, enjoying a cup of tea, or simply unwinding, your Moroccan floor cushion will provide the perfect spot.

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